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dreamstime_7966078Fanagan Headstone Services, Dublin.

A Headstone represents a fitting tribute and a lasting symbol of remembrance to a loved one, so it must have a timeless quality which can only be achieved by skilled craftsmen working with the finest stone materials.

The Headstone you select should, we believe, be one that accurately reflects your wishes and incorporates everything that is important to you. You may already have a clear idea of what you want or may wish to discuss the options with us; our experienced staff will assist you in making the appropriate selection.

The durability of Granite – one of the world’s most beautiful natural stones - makes it a perfect choice for Headstones in Ireland. There are four colours available from which to choose- black, white, blue, and brown. Headstones sculpted from limestone are also available.

To ensure the highest quality product, all stone materials used by us have been carefully sourced from locations we have inspected and from trusted suppliers with whom we have established close working relationships.

We have an extensive selection of Headstones from which to choose but we can also reproduce any Memorial you may have seen or design one to meet your individual requirements and specifications.

dreamstime_4239457Our skilled Stonemasons have been sculpting and engraving Headstones for many generations. Their craftsmanship and experience, allied to the materials we have selected, will ensure you receive a Headstone of the highest quality.

Should you wish to add an Inscription to an existing Headstone, our craftsmen can inspect the Memorial to help you choose an Inscription which complements the original.

Frequently Asked Questions from past clients on the various issues relating to Headstones in Ireland are featured in this website for your assistance.

For assistance in selecting your Headstone, please contact us or call in to any of our Dublin Offices - detailed on Contact page - where you will receive a dignified and professional service.