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FrequentLy Asked Questions

dreamstime_119834How can I purchase a Headstone?

By contacting us by telephone or email; our experienced staff will assist you in the entire process.

Alternatively you may visit all to any of our Dublin Offices detailed under our Contact page.

Have you a price list for your Headstone range?

Yes. We will forward you a price list on request.

What are the regulations governing the erection of a Headstone?

All Cemeteries in the greater Dublin area, whether privately-owned or owned by a Local Authority, must grant permission before we can erect a Headstone; for this they charge a fee.

What interaction is required with the Cemetery?

No interaction with the Cemetery is required by you.

We apply to the Cemetery Authorities for the permit on your behalf. The current owner of the Grave must sign the relevant documentation to erect the Headstone. 

B-(10)What happens when the permit is granted?

When the permit is received from the cemetery authority we will instruct our Stonemasons to proceed with your headstone.

Cemeteries in the greater Dublin area take varying degrees of time to process a permit. We have no control over this. In some instances, the timescale for granting a permit will depend on whether a foundation is already in place or not.

How soon after a burial can I erect a Headstone?

In a Lawn Cemetery a Headstone can normally be erected as soon as you wish.

In other cemeteries foundations for a Headstone and kerbing cannot be laid until the ground has settled after burial. We recommend waiting for a period of at least eight months.  In Mount Jerome Cemetery the wait time is twelve months.

How long does it take to erect a Headstone?

Once permission has been granted by the Cemetery or Local Council, we can erect the Headstone within a period of four to six weeks.

B-(3)What dimensions are the Headstones in your website?

Dimensions of headstones will vary from cemetery to cemetery as each cemetery has regulations pertaining to the height and width of headstones allowed.  Our stonemasons will comply with Cemetery regulations.

Can I have kerbing as outlined in many of your photographs?

Yes, provided the Cemetery Authorities allow.  We will advise on the kerbing most appropriate to your Headstone and include the cost in the quotation we forward to you.

Can I select engravings on my Headstone?

Yes. We have a wide variety of religious and other engravings available which we can discuss with you; samples are illustrated on Headstones throughout the website.

Can I select a Headstone not on your website that I have seen in a Cemetery?

Insofar as it is possible, yes. Our skilled Stonemasons will advise if it is feasible to reproduce.

B0Can I include chippings on the burial plot?

As part of our overall service, and if the Cemetery Authorities allow, we will provide chippings on the burial plot with a concrete or PVC covering.

Will you assist with the Inscription on the Headstone?

Of course. We will advise as to whether gold, silver, black or white lettering is the most appropriate for the Headstone you have selected. We will also advise on the composition and layout of the Inscription or verse that is suitable and appropriate, always considering that space may be required on the Headstone for future additional Inscriptions.

Can you provide additional Inscriptions after future burials?

Yes. We recommend that one of our Stonemasons visit the Cemetery to inspect the Headstone and advise on the style and layout of the additional Inscription.

Whatever the lettering style, our craftsmen will be able to add your chosen Inscription so that it complements the original.

B-(9)Can I put a photograph on the Headstone?

Yes.  We will require a copy of the photograph. This will be used to prepare a ceramic photograph which we will affix to your Headstone.

Does the Headstone require future maintenance?

All natural materials including granite which are placed outdoors are susceptible to the elements.  You can however expect your Headstone to be in pristine condition for several years.

If the need arises, we offer a complete renovation and repair service to ensure your Headstone is restored to its original condition. We will inspect your Headstone and advise whether it requires cleaning and/or if the existing Inscription requires re-painting or any other work is required.


What type of lettering can I have on my selected Headstone?

The majority of modern fonts can be used. The five most commonly selected are as displayed here.

statuesCan I have a statue with my selected Headstone?

A statue can be positioned at the edge of the base on which the Headstone is erected if there is suitable space; we can advise in all instances.

Are all the Headstones detailed in your website suitable for all Cemeteries?

Yes.  All of our headstones are made to fit the width of the grave and to comply with cemetery regulations.  When choosing a headstone from our range for a narrower grave the headstone will not appear as it does in our brochure or website.

Are all the Headstones detailed in your website suitable for Lawn Cemeteries?

No. Some Lawn Cemeteries have width and height restrictions; we will advise in each instance.

Can you summarise the total cost of a Headstone?

Our quotation outlines our charges and the relevant cemetery fee.

Included in our charges are the following:

  • Headstone as selected
  • Inscription
  • Engravings
  • Kerbing and PVC/Chippings or concrete covering, if selected by you, and provided Cemetery Authorities allow.

Cemetery Authorities charge a fee for the granting of a permit to erect a Headstone in Ireland. This fee will vary from Cemetery to Cemetery. The time it takes to process the granting of a permit will also vary.